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Intelligent cities are at the forefront of the next wave of the Internet of Things. The goals are to streamline communication and improve the lives of citizens. And save a little money along the way.

As a result, IoT offerings are transforming cities by improving infrastructure, creating more efficient and cost effective municipal services, enhancing public transportation, reducing traffic congestion, and keeping citizens safe and more engaged in the community.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making it possible to make cities greener, safer and more efficient. By connecting devices, vehicles and infrastructure everywhere in a city, governments and their partners can reduce energy and water consumption, keep people moving efficiently, and improve safety and quality of life.

Smart Cities in Action

Sierra Wireless is working with city governments, large system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the globe to deliver a wide range of smart city solutions.

Keeping People Moving Efficiently

  • Connecting trains, buses and vehicle fleets helps cities improve safety and efficiency, and deliver better services.
  • Wireless parking solutions reduce traffic congestion in busy areas by making it easier for drivers to find parking, and increase city revenues by making it easier to collect fees
  • Connected waste management helps cities enhance efficiency in waste collection and save money, time and CO2 emissions.
  • Car-sharing and ride-sharing services reduce city traffic and carbon emissions, and allow citizens to get where they’re going without the cost and hassle of owning a car in the city.

Making Cities Smarter and Safer

  • Connected emergency vehicles help responders get help to citizens faster, and put state-of-the-art wireless public safety applications at their fingertips.
  • Connected streetlights let cities remotely adjust lighting to make streets safer, while dramatically reducing power consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Video surveillance offers cities deeper insight into vehicle and pedestrian traffic and helps deter crime.

Using Resources More Efficiently

  • Wireless smart grid solutions enable cities and energy providers to create a much more efficient distribution network and reduce power consumption.
  • Connected power and gas meters provide energy consumption visibility all the way from the source to homes and businesses to optimize distribution. Connected water meters reduce leaks and waste.
  • Cities are deploying connected charging stations that make it easier for citizens to use electric vehicles—cutting carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency.
BI inteligence

Smart homes filled with connected products are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable. Imagine that you're driving home on a hot summer day. But rather than turn the air conditioner on when you get home and wait for your house to cool, you simply use your smartphone when you leave your office to tell your smart thermostat to lower the temperature.

Or imagine that you're cooking dinner, and you ask Alexa, the voice assistant on the Amazon Echo, to read you today's biggest news stories so that you can focus on chopping those vegetables.

There is no shortage of possibilities for smart home IoT devices, and home automation seems to be the wave of the future. Below, we've compiled a detailed guide on how the IoT and house automation will change our way of life.


In a new report, Market Guide for Smart Lighting, leading industry analyst Gartner finds that smart lighting can serve as an enabling infrastructure for Internet of Things capabilities that go far beyond lighting and energy savings. When creating a digital platform for smart cities and smart buildings, connected LED lighting is key.

Because the smart lighting industry is rapidly evolving, IT leaders must select a smart lighting approach that can grow with them as they expand their digital ecosystems. Success depends on the collaboration of many stakeholders, including property owners, facility and city managers, citizens and workers, businesses, utilities, policymakers and regulators.

По-добро паркиране за по-добри градове

As the world’s population keeps growing and the concentration of cars in cities increases, our society faces the significant challenge of global gridlock. Parking plays a major role in the solution to this problem, given that around 20-30% of the cars driving on a city’s streets at any given moment are looking for a parking space.

Increased Mobility

  • Faster, more convenient parking from day one
  •  Data compiled by our solution can inform better decisions on parking space distribution and pricing policy that can dramatically improve mobility

Increased Revenue

  • Greatly reduced staffing costs
  •  Better turnover of parking spaces
  • Higher occupancy rates for the existing spaces
  • Increased revenue from parking infringements due to improved detection

Greener City

  • Fewer cars on the road means less fuel consumption, which in turn reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and contaminants such as CO and NO2.

Better for citizens and commerce

  • Increased foot traffic in commercial areas where parking is difficult.
  • Excellent parking experience for citizens
  • Better control of special parking areas such as disabled spaces, loading and unloading areas, taxi and ambulance stops…
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